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 Ir. Hisham Haron
Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering Holding Berhad
 Jessica Lim Chi Leng
Sapura Fabrication Sdn Bhd
 Syahrizan Junaini
Brooke Dockyard and Engineering Works Inc.
 Asia Mohamed
Shapadu Energy Services Sdn Bhd
 Mohd Shahfarin Hj Selamat
Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering Sdn Bhd
Sabaahul Ahmad Bin Alias
Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering Sdn Bhd
Abd. Rahman Hashim
Boustead Penang Shipyard Sdn Bhd
Kenneth Teo
Ocean Might Sdn Bhd
Lufti Latiff
Muhibbah Engineering Sdn Bhd
Jenny Ratna Baharudin
Brooke Dockyard & Engineering Works Inc.
 MOCA (formerly known as OSFAM which was registered in ROS on 28 Feb 1990) is an association of offshore contractors for Oil & Gas industry in Malaysia aiming to promote cohesive working relationship among staff from various contractors in Oil & Gas offshore business of industry.
The original OSFAM is an association of major fabricators for structural platform for Oil & Gas and now the scope has been increased to cover other critical areas.
Core members of MOCA are companies that have obtained license by PETRONAS (Malaysian national oil company). To get the license the company must have:
(a) team of dedicated experience staff in various disciplines in management and technical levels, capable of executing offshore works and services in one of the following catagory:
• Engineering Design
• Fabrication & Construction • Hook-up & Commissioning • Decommissioning
• Transportation
• Installation
(b) sizeable working area or yard complete with infrastructure and equipment required for the said services, and
(c) capital resources.
The full members are basically the first-tier major offshore contractors, while the associate members are for companies that have been supporting the contractors in providing technical services and equipment.
To cement the cohesiveness amongst members, MOCA organizes various activities such as conferences, seminars, talks, training courses, dinners, golf, etc. These activities are meant for staff of contractor’s clients and suppliers to maintain their close networking.
Registrar of Society (the authority) has approved our request to change name from OSFAM to MOCA (MALAYSIAN OFFSHORE CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION).
This means that the association is no more exclusive for fabricators in the country, but is now open to all offshore oil and gas contractors operating in Malaysia.
MOCA now allows local first-tier upstream major contractors to become full members. This includes the major upstream contractors currently providing works and services for Engineering Design; Fabrication & Construction; Hook-up & Commissioning; Decommissioning as well as Transportation and Installation.
We are confident that MOCA would be able to aptly represent the Malaysian Oil & Gas Contracting Industry especially in promoting sustainable business for its members as well as collectively tackling the challenges facing its members and the industry, in general.
We will be forming a special workgroup to publicise as well as perform membership drives to attract potential new members for the enhanced association. Upon the completion of our membership drives, we will be holding our annual general meeting (AGM) to elect new office bearers for MOCA.
We, in MOCA, previously OSFAM, greatly appreciate your continual support and engagements in ensuring the success of this enhanced Association.

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